Since joining the global Urban Sketchers movement in early 2014, Rob has been invited to many locations around the world to run workshops, most often on all things related to iPad creativity and urban sketching, using the app, Procreate. From events at Apple, to teaching at Urban Sketchers Symposiums since 2015, and delivering a workshop series for art teachers at the Singapore Teachers' Academy of the Arts, Rob loves helping people explore creative expression, especially using what he often refers to as 'The Ultimate Mobile Digital Studio'. 


Upcoming Workshops

Getting Started with Urban Sketching, Brisbane

10-12 October, 2019

On the sunny coasts of Brisbane, Australia, Rob will be introducing participants to iPad urban sketching from scratch. Demonstrations and exercises will get everyone up to speed on the essentials of navigating Procreate (indoors). The group will then head outdoors where Rob walks everyone through the steps of breaking a scene down to capture digitally, on location.

Drawing Cyclists with iPad + Procreate, Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 24 & 27 July 2019

For the 5th year running, Rob has been selected to join the Urban Sketchers Symposium faculty. This year, he will offer a workshop teaching participants how to use iPads and Procreate to draw people; specifically, one of the icons of Amsterdam - cyclists!

Recent Workshops

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Travel Sketching-US2019-Sq.JPG
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2018-People Party-Hong Kong-Sketcherman.jpg
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People Drawing Party

Los Angeles, 18-19 May 2019 and San Francisco Bay Area, 8-9 June 2019

Are you ready to take your people-drawing to the next level over a weekend? In this 2-day workshop, Rob walks participants through various ways of livening up their sketchbooks with fascinating characters. Learn to nail proportion every time, draw faces and expressions, deal with moving models and even sketch crowded scenes with confidence! Open to practitioners of both traditional and digital tools.


Travel Sketching with your iPad

Los Angeles, 11-12 May 2019 and San Francisco Bay Area, 1-2 June 2019

Embracing the power of Procreate and an iPad with Apple Pencil puts an amazing Mobile Digital Studio in the hands of anyone. This 2-day workshop begins with Rob helping workshop participants comfortably navigate the interface of Procreate. A series of demonstrations and exercises then provide the foundation for students to understand digital workflows and ways to craft urban sketching travel tales whether the family is on a 5 minute bathroom break or enjoying a leisurely afternoon exploring a new city.


iPad Sketching Workshop, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 11 & 13 January 2019

With the surging interest in iPad Urban Sketching, Rob conducted his first workshop in 2019 at home in Hong Kong, which saw participants familiarize themselves with the digital medium. Many exercises demonstrations and hands-on instruction were held in-class, as well as on sketchwalks in the downtown Central area of the city.


People Drawing Party, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 20 October 2018

Rob joined other instructors in offering a workshop in conjunction with Urban Sketchers Hong Kong’s 2nd year participating in the global USk 10x10 workshops series. This gave him an opportunity to share the people-drawing workshop he gave in Porto at the 2018 USk Symposium.


People Drawing Party, Ribble Valley, UK

Blackburn, 5 August 2018

After the popularity of Rob’s People-drawing Party in Porto, he was asked to offer it to a group from Urban Sketchers Ribble Valley while visiting the northern region of the UK.


People Party in Porto, 9th Urban Sketchers Symposium

Porto, Portugal - 18-21 July, 2018

For the 4th time, Rob was part of the international USk Symposium faculty, teaching at the annual Urban Sketchers Symposium. This year, Rob taught sketchers who fear tackling the subject of drawing people,  and armed them with the tools to add not just people, but fascinating characters to their sketches and artwork.


iPad Creativity and Productivity

Hong Kong, 28 May 2018

After Rob illustrated and designed the cover for Champion REIT’s 2017 Annual Report (which won the Gold and Silver Illustration Awards by International Annual Report Design Awards), he was invited to give a talk explaining his creative processes and professional workflows using only his iPad Pro and a complement of powerful iOS apps.


Today at Apple - Orchard Road, Singapore

Singapore, 13 May 2018

Rob was invited by the flagship Apple Store in Singapore to speak and demonstrate the way he captures people on his iPad, with his favorite app, Procreate. He also shared a simple, 4-step process to draw faces in profile with perfect proportions, and helped participants create gifts for family in conjunction with Mother’s Day.

Zero to Hero HK site-Sketcherman.jpg

Zero to Hero with iPad+Procreate, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Sunday, 11 March 2018

Rob brings his workshop series introducing iPad Sketching with Procreate to his home town of Hong Kong. Over the course of 7 hours in one single day, Rob walks participants through various demonstrations and step-by-step exercises, transforming those who know next to nothing about using an iPad or Procreate to draw, into budding digital artists who understand the immense creative potential of their iPads.


iPad Creativity Workshop Series  

Singapore Teachers' Academy for the Arts, Singapore, February 2018 

At the invitation of the Singapore Teachers' Academy for the Arts (STAR), Rob ran 3 different workshops over 5 full days, targeted specifically at art teachers from Singapore's public education system. Held at the Academy of Singapore Teachers, these workshops explored a variety of diverse applications for iPad creativity and its application in the classroom, from urban sketching to mindmapping to digital journaling, digital content creation using a combination of creative apps, and how all this artwork can be translated into everything from PDFs to prints, posters and even theater sets.

2017-Today at Apple-APM HK-Sketcherman.jpg

Today at Apple - APM, Hong Kong

APM Hong Kong, November 2017

In November 2017, Apple initiated a special event in conjunction with Urban Sketchers 10th Anniversary. Rob was invited, along with 3 other urban sketchers from San Francisco, Berlin and Singapore, to conduct a Today at Apple sketch walk at flagship Apple stores in their home cities, where each artist showed members of the public the fun of using iPads and Procreate for drawing on location.

2017-Plan _3-Rob Sketcherman.jpg

Hong Kong Impression Sketching Workshops, City Gallery

City Gallery, Hong Kong, November 2017

The Planning Department of Hong Kong commissioned a series of urban sketching workshops for the public from Urban Sketchers Hong Kong, and Rob, along with the other administrators of the group, taught a workshop each at City Gallery, to introduce the public to various aspects of urban sketching.

2017-Today at Apple-Union Square-Sketcherman.JPG

Today at Apple - Union Square, San Francisco

Apple Store, Union Square, San Francisco, September 2017

While in California in 2017, Rob was invited to conduct his first Today at Apple event at the global Apple flagship store at Union Square. He introduced the basics of Procreate, after showing examples of his urban sketching adventures around the world, then took all participants on a sketchwalk around San Francisco’s Chinatown.

2017-Zero to Hero-Santa Monica-Sketcherman.jpg

Zero to Hero with iPad+Procreate, USA

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, August-September 2017

While in the US in 2017, Rob ran his first Zero to Hero with iPad+Procreate workshop in Los Angeles. Over the course of one full day, he introduced participants to the potential of urban sketching with Procreate on their iPads, including sessions of sketching outdoors, with one-to-one guidance. Due to overwhelming demand, he ran 2 more sold-out workshops in San Francisco and Santa Monica in the following weeks.


2017 Chicago Symposium-Procreate 101-Sketcherman.jpg

Procreate 101 for iPad Urban Sketching

8th Urban Sketcher Symposium, Chicago, July 2017

For the 3rd consecutive year, Rob ran a workshop at the annual Urban Sketchers Symposium, helping those new to digital sketching see the potential of using Procreate and their iPads to head out and draw on location.

2017-10x10 USkHK-Basics of Drawing People-Sketcherman.jpg

People-Drawing Workshops, USkHK 10x10

Hong Kong, May-June 2017

In conjunction with the global initiative celebrating Urban Sketchers 10th Anniversary, Rob organized a series of sketching workshops under the Urban Sketchers Hong Kong (USkHK) banner. Along with other instructors from USkHK, Rob taught workshops that aimed to help new sketchers learn and build on their urban sketching skills. He taught two 3-hour sessions on ways to begin adding people to sketches. 

2017 Lisbon-iPad Urban Sketching-Sketcherman.jpg

iPad Urban Sketching

Bordalo Pinheiro Museum, Lisbon, May 2017

After participating in Sketch Tour Portugal, covering the 100th year Anniversary of the Apparitions at Fatima, Portugal, Rob also ran a workshop introducing iPad urban sketching to members of the public in the charming city of Lisbon.

Older Workshops

  • iPad Creativity workshop series, Canadian International School, Hong Kong, 2016

  • iPad for Urban Sketching, 7th Urban Sketchers Symposium, Manchester, UK 2016

  • Let Creativity Soar, Apple Store, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2016

  • iPad Sketching with Procreate, 6th Urban Sketchers Symposium, Singapore, 2015

  • Introduction to iPad Sketching with Procreate, Bandung International Sketchwalk, Bandung, Indonesia, 2015

  • Start Something New, Apple Store, Festival Walk, Hong Kong, 2015

  • Hong Kong Impressions : Tips for Drawing People, City Gallery, Hong Kong, 2What participants say…

What participants say…

Testimonial-Kelly Monroe.PNG

@robsketcherman and Louisa - thanks for giving us a great learning opportunity! I loved the way the class was taught (not intimidating at all). I’ve already put my new skills to work.
- Kelly Monroe - San Francisco

Testimonial-Jana Bouc.PNG

Rob, you and Louisa were amazing! Thanks so much for teaching, entertaining and keeping us hydrated and well-cared for. I was so impressed with how well you presented the technical and artistic material and how energetic you two were in the unbelievable heat. I was also impressed with my classmates and their wonderful art and ability to take in all the tech (which I love but which most people I know quickly give the deer in the headlights look). If there’s any chance of a follow up session for Procreate 4 i’d love it!
- Jana Bouc - San Francisco

This was a fantastic class, Rob! You are a great teacher — you brought your expertise and enthusiasm and the day flew by! XX
- Virginia Hein, Los Angeles

Testimonial-Virginia Hein.PNG
Testimonial-Cavvy Chin.PNG

Overall the workshop was very informative, inspiring, and provided excellent resources on various relevant apps that enhance the workflow. Rob shared many useful accessories such as the iPad holders, Paperlike screen protector, various battery packs and even different portable chairs. Both the classroom and outdoor exercises were well organised. The workshop dealt comprehensively and collectively on most common issues in digital urban sketching. Most fruitful to me is having a better understanding of the process of digital sketching with an iPad+Pencil on Procreate apps.
- Cavvy Chin - Singapore

I spent the whole day today immersed in the iPad Pro and Procreate! Excellent and inspiring workshop!!
- Deborah Thornhill - Los Angeles

Testimonial-Debbie Thornhill.PNG
Testimonial-Caskey Weston.PNG

Thanks so much Rob and Louisa for the wonderful class! I learned a lot and it was fun. Louisa you really saved us by keeping the ice water coming. I’m so glad I came.
- Caskey Weston - San Francisco

Thank you for teaching us with such enthusiasm despite the heat! It was an amazing workshop X
- Proxima DasMohapatra - San Francisco

Testimonial-Proxima Das Mohapatra.PNG
Testimonial-Alvin Wong.PNG

I have to say BIG THANKS to my buddy Rob and Louisa for organizing the workshop which has solved many queries I have in mind for a long while. The sequence of the workshop suit for anyone and it is really from ZERO to SUPERHERO. I bet many can draw something with Procreate, but mastering it is another story; After the workshop, I would like to call myself a “procreate ready” sketcher.
- Alvin Wong - Hong Kong

Testimonial-Urmila Menon.PNG

I had the most phenomenal experience at the Zero to hero workshop by @robsketcherman. Got a real taste of the potential of this powerhouse app called #procreate. From being a total non believer in digital sketching to sitting on the fence, @robsketcherman you have converted me, if not into a hero yet, but a sidekick for sure. XX
- Urmila Menon - Hong Kong

Testimonial-Jim Scheel.PNG

Rob, thank you for a wonderful workshop! You are an amazing teacher! I learned so much. It was very inspirational. It was also a great pleasure to finally meet you in person! Thank you!
- Jim Scheel - Los Angeles

Testimonial-Julie Crouch.PNG

We had a ball too, Rob. The workshop was so fun and you are a gifted teacher. I could hardly sleep last night because I was so excited to try everything you taught us!
- Julie Crouch - Los Angeles