First Impressions of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil - an Artist's Perspective

Guess what my wife got me for my birthday? :) (she's awesome, yes!)

I will write a full review after more testing, but after about 12 hours with my shiny new piece of gorgeous tech, wanted to make a quick video to share first impressions of the IPad Pro and Apple Pencil. And you know, I have to say that using the combo with Procreate 3 makes all the difference. But more on that later.

The short and skinny right now is it's looking really good. I have a few concerns to check out, but overall, love the combo. There's a lot to love, and that may obvious from a test drive in an Apple Store - the huge screen, how fast it is and how the Pencil is so aptly named! Awesome integration. Well, see for yourself in the video. I'll write and post more after more in-depth testing. Anything you'd like to know while I'm testing? Tell me in the comments! :)

Rob Sketcherman

iPad artist and urban sketcher, Rob travels the world to capture scenes on his iPad.