New Year, New Start

Thinking bulb man.jpg

"You should blog."

"You need a blog."

"Where can I see your stuff online?"

Err..... up until now, I had nothing, really. Always meant to create my own site, but things didn't quite come together.

Well, ta-daa! Hello 2014 and time for a fresh start. I have several goals this year and getting this off the ground is Numero Uno. I will be posting pretty regularly, so if you like what you see, pop by! When I can figure out to turn on the ability to RSS this thingy, I will. For now, browse for a taste and watch for new stuff real soon and pretty darn often.

I'll be talking a lot about my sketching adventures. It's a great way to discover new places. In fact, I'll be headed out the door in 20 minutes for what's turning out to be a weekly urban sketching session with a group of friends here in Hong Kong! The results will be up later today.... Wish me luck!